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3/15/23~ If you have any readings booked beyond 4/30/23 they will be rescheduled and fit into my April schedule. If you see any openings available after April please do not book them. If you are a new client or outside of the US you can not book a reading if you are not an established client.



I have expanded my availability for April as much as I can. There will be more openings for April starting today, but they will be limited. If you purchased an email reading in February and never emailed me after you purchased I will no longer accept those requests. You will be refunded as the instructions state to email after purchase. 

UPDATE 4/23/23 Due to a sudden death in my family I have to reschedule several appointments. Most readings that were scheduled between 4/18-4/28/23 will be rescheduled. My original retirement date of 4/28/23 is no longer possible due to the circumstances. My retirement date has been changed from 4/28/23 to 5/18/23. I will honor all bookings until 5/18/23. 

If you are expecting an email reading you will receive it by May 5th

Update 5/1/23~ Do NOT book a 10pm-11pm slot unless your reading was canceled between 4/19-4/28. If you did not previously have a cancelled appointment between those dates only you can not book a late evening slot. If you do it will be refunded minus paypal fees. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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